Sherwood Oak

Dimensions 1524 X 230 X 7mm

Lumière Ultra HD Hybrid Planks represents the next generation of Hybrid Flooring, utilizing advanced manufacturing techniques to develop multi-layer rigid composite core planks (RCP). Its solid core construction and high density allow for a truly waterproof tile, making it indentation resistant. The enhanced multi-layer rigid core construction also provides excellent performance characteristics, with little to no floorboard movement. Arriving with 12 new wood designs, Lumière Ultra HD Hybrid Plank allow you to showcase natural beauty whilst maintaining the durability and waterproof qualities of luxury hybrid floor. Coupled with our creation of more non-repeat pattern, these floorboards behold outstanding visual longevity. With our Ultra HD hybrid, we recreate the realism of natural wood with significantly more comfort compared to its natural counterpart. The application of world’s latest ultra matt PU Coating combined with lightly brushed surface also makes the floor significantly closer to natural timber, it’s virtually impossible to distinguish between our Lumière Ultra HD Hybrid Plank and traditional authentic timber floorboards.